Complex treatment:
skin diseases, nervous system diseases, gynecological and urological diseases. Divided into waters weak, average concentration, strong and very strong.
Feature treatment hydrogen sulfide baths?
As a basis the factors treating hydrogen sulfide baths, which are very well adapted to the human body. First, the skin affects the hydrostatic pressure of water and its temperature, and hydrogen sulfide contained in the water penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream and irritate nerve endings. Typically, the skin reaction to hydrogen sulfide water is accompanied by redness, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, etc., stimulating metabolism, improve skin nutrition.
Hydrogen sulfide baths allow clean skin surface from acids, alkalis, salts, micro-organisms and products of metabolism, accelerate healing of muscle tissue, skin, have anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, hydrogen sulfide baths improve the condition of the central and peripheral nervous system. Helps lower blood pressure, improves metabolism and so on.
Indications hydrogen sulfide baths
Hydrogen sulfide baths very successfully used to treat diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, skin diseases, inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and urological diseases is very important in our time.
In addition, comprehensive treatment baths of this type are used in diseases of the joints, spine, hypertension, diabetes.
Hydrogen sulfide baths are also shown for varicose veins, radiation sickness, for the normalization of carbohydrate, fat, mineral and protein metabolism. But do not forget about a number of contraindications.
Contraindications to the use of hydrogen sulfide baths
Hydrogen sulfide baths should not be used for arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, which is accompanied by severe strokes, kidney and liver diseases, cancer, tuberculosis and others. Treatment hydrogen sulfide baths necessarily appoint and monitor a qualified doctor. Today this type of bath is often used in spa establishments.
Ukraine has one of these resorts, which use hydrogen sulfide baths is restorative Hydrotherapy Center “Cranberry”. Here for the treatment of various diseases is applied sulphide water with a concentration of 180 mg / liter of free hydrogen sulfide (for bathing), which is in the classification of mineral waters allocated to a special type of sulfurous waters.
Here are the most concentrated hydrogen sulfide water in Ukraine which is extracted from the well depths of over 250m. It is here for treatment and rest come from all over Ukraine and from abroad. It treats nature …